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Before utilizing our service, it is imperative that you carefully review and fully comprehend the terms and conditions outlined below.

To use our services or products, you must be at least 18. If you are below the legal age, we strongly recommend you employ our products and services under parental supervision.

By engaging with our service and website, you, at this moment, provide your consent for the collection of your information and are legally bound by these terms and conditions.

We kindly request that you thoroughly read and comprehend the terms and conditions. The company, namely Online Class Help Pro, cannot be held responsible for any misunderstandings that may arise on your part.


In OnlineClassHelpPro.com and its Services, the terms "You," "Customer," and "Client" pertain to the individual utilizing our platform.

"We," "Our," "Company," and "Service" are representative of OnlineClassHelpPro.com in its capacity as a registered academic service provider.

"Product," "Service," and "Solutions" refer to the academic assistance offered by proficient experts at OnlineClassHelpPro.com.


We attach great significance to safeguarding your identity and privacy. Rest assured, we do not compromise the confidentiality of our clients' private information. Online Class Help Pro employs stringent security measures to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of your information. We neither utilize your information without your explicit consent nor engage in the sale or sharing of your data with any third party.


Online Class Help Pro offers you unlimited revisions. We are wholly committed to accommodating your needs and fulfilling your academic requirements. Our academic experts tirelessly work to address and assist you with your academic challenges. If you find our service unsatisfactory, you can request a refund.


Online Class Help Pro extends a refund policy to its clients. However, this policy is contingent upon the following conditions:

1. If you receive a service with errors, you qualify for a full 100% refund.

2. Before seeking a refund, we kindly ask that you first request a revision.

3. Upon applying for a refund, our quality assurance officer will evaluate the validity of your claim, and the final decision rests with the QA officer.

4. You will receive a reimbursement if our QA officer approves your claim.


At Online Class Help Pro, we offer our clients reputable payment options to ensure secure and authenticated transactions. We staunchly oppose fraud, and your transactions will be routed through established and trusted payment providers. Payment methods include PayPal, credit cards, bank, and wire transfers.

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